We Were Here


once i was little
i walked out to the curb
looked left
the street was coming towards me
looked right
the street was going away
soon after and a bit bigger
i rode a small bicycle
i travelled left
i travelled right
went around the block
my home was still there

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The Train


The Train

Looking at my life…

I have traveled
From place to place

Hauling an electric bass
An electric guitar
Acoustic guitars

Just singing my heart out..

The people like the music
Musicians want to join up
People want to hear it played

Over many, many years..

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Definition of TYRANNY

1. : an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act : a tyrannical act <children who had suffered tyrannies>

2. : arbitrary, unreasonable, or despotic behavior or use of authority: nazi tyranny


Kindhearted children of yesterday…

Here is a word that you know

Undue suffering placed upon you

This has been someone’s sick show

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Anger vs. Inner Peace – The Choice is Yours

japan waterfall

Anger vs. Inner Peace – The Choice is Yours

First off…

I am not Dr. Phil. – I don’t need to be him, to help some people here.

To Conquer Your Anger Is To Gain Freedom!

I have spent decades on my own self-improvement. My personal energy is fire based. Balance is a key for me to live in harmony. That old Yin and Yang approach.

Too many flames can burn everything down. Fire energy does provide warmth. Others may ‘bask in the glow’. A good time can be had by all who accept this. Some reject the sharing. To each their own.

We all are susceptible to some anger. There is short, reactionary anger. Traffic problems for example. The more harmful form, is the longterm anger. Childhood issues that haunt for decades. Divorce baggage. Get the idea?

Inner Peace. A person can spend a lifetime seeking solace. Modern living is ripe with conflict. So many people busy playing God. Enough evolution to play it. Insufficient development to walk it. Most would be better off, to step back and relax.

Your being has a center. This core is omnipresent. Always calm, always present. A person who is ‘centered’.Has found this part of themselves.

Part of your journey. Will be to seek out your own center. It is there right now.

Should you meditate. The quiet can reveal yourself…. to you!

For the moment… You are now aware.

That is a good beginning…

Anger is weak. Yes, this is true. Although the emotion is strong, the vibration is negative. Over a long period of time, one’s health can be adversely influenced.

How do I know this? What gives me the right, to preach to you?

Simple. The answer is… I was once you!

If you have read this far. There is your own interest. Maybe, I am full of crap. Read on.

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