Definition of TYRANNY

1. : an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act : a tyrannical act <children who had suffered tyrannies>

2. : arbitrary, unreasonable, or despotic behavior or use of authority: nazi tyranny


Kindhearted children of yesterday…

Here is a word that you know

Undue suffering placed upon you

This has been someone’s sick show


To keep you separate and apart

From those you hold most dear

Hushed for years – afraid to speak

She has filled you with fear


The march of time reveals itself

Twenty long years have passed by

Wonderful children are finally grown

She has lost power in her stupid lie


So you search out those you seek

The ones you were always denied

Decades have passed – only two of us are left

Last time we met – remember how we all cried


Today, you have the freedom to choose

Breaking through, the lies you’ve been told

Trusting in what you always felt must be true

Happy to be,  free at last – and finding those hearts of gold…



Author: William J. Hudson

Image from Bing


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