My Shoes

Long Beach Boardwalk new


My Shoes


I have worn many shoes in my lifetime

Consider that I am a man

I can write this on a single page

A woman would need a book to list all of hers!


At first I was barefoot…

Little baby shoes

Sometimes people would bronze that first pair

Later, they end up in a closet



Remember that word?

Showing my age with that word

Every kid had a pair of sneakers


New shoes for school

Annual pair every September

Hopefully, there was money to get a new pair

If not, you wore your sneakers


Dress shoes

Depends on your background

We weren’t church members

A luxury we did without


Gym shoes

I don’t remember what year these were renamed

Canvas sneakers replaced by nylon ones

The new name came at a higher price

Maybe when they started getting striped or swooshed


Work boots

Sears Die Hard brand

Lifetime guarantee on these

Had a free pair every six months!


Cowboy boots

As a young musician, these were a must have

A pair of jeans with boots was cool

After all, The Allman Brothers wore them!


Platform shoes

Thick soles and big heels

Any colour you like

As long as it’s black


Running shoes

Scientifically researched for a new era

You paid twice as much money

Your feet still hurt


Shiny black dress shoes

These were for business

I once went on interviews with a hole in a sole

That is known as a broke job seeker


Basketball shoes… aka Tennis shoes

A comfortable alternative to running shoes

Cost less and lasted longer

Real men bought white ones


Waterproof snow boots

Yes they kept the cold snow out

Your feet were still soaking wet

The plastic coating made your feet sweat


What else……….

I moved to a warmer climate

Left behind the winter boots

This called for some new shoes


Boat shoes

Wonderful little shoes

Socks not required

Wear them until they curl up and die



I nearly forgot

Probably because they are used near bedtime

Moccasins, Operas, Slip-Ons

In a warm state, you see these worn at Wal-Mart



The best pair ever

Slip them on, no laces and the best comfort!

I love wearing sandals 🙂

I wear sandals everyday now…


What makes sandals the best shoe ever?

Why should everyone want a daily pair?

One word will speak volumes….



Author: William J. Hudson

Long Beach, New York: from Google Images


One thought on “My Shoes

  1. When there wasn’t enough money I wore either my sisters pretty shoes, or my brothers tennies. Guess which were my favorite.


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