The Spirit Bear – A Tale from the Woods

Spirit Bear River

The Spirit Bear – A Tale from the Woods


The woods were different at the time…

. Trees grew to towering heights. Their canopy nearly blocking sunlight from reaching the ground. Rivers were very clean. Streams would run as clear looking as drinking water. One could cup hands to satisfy thirst, direct from a stream. Blue skies were pure, unpolluted as man would later contaminate his own world.

Life itself was in abundant quantities in the ancient forest. Mountains climbed to thousands of feet. Hill and dale country preceded the vast mountain range. Animals were connected to the land. An amazing tapestry of wildlife had existed there for thousands of years. Small squirrels and red foxes were common. Deer, Elk and Moose roamed the territory. Ever watchful, a vast array of birds oversaw all of the daily activities in the woods.

Wolves were there as well. Each species fulfilling it’s designed purpose. The role of a wolf was to keep the other species strong. By preying on the weaker members, the healthiest deer survived. The balance of nature was wondrous to behold.

Most powerful of all the forest inhabitants, was an almost spiritual creature. They were the bears. Black or Brown, sheer size made any bear a force. Strong, clever and fierce opponents to engage. A forest bear had no natural enemy. For all of the bears mighty power, they were peaceful creatures. The role of the bear was to protect the forest from harm.

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