The Train


The Train

Looking at my life…

I have traveled
From place to place

Hauling an electric bass
An electric guitar
Acoustic guitars

Just singing my heart out..

The people like the music
Musicians want to join up
People want to hear it played

Over many, many years..

The players change
My instruments change
The crowd is different

My path in life..
Is like a train

They board my train
They exit
They hear it
Some even return.

I grow older..
Ever more introspective
The groove becomes deeper

Music is a constant
Always waiting for my call
I return the great gift
Channel the energy

I am ready..
I feel it
I play it

It doesn’t matter
If it goes unheard

The only thing that hears..

Is the mountain
Nature is magic
I don’t seek fame
I play to nature



Author: William J. Hudson

Photo: Tom May


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