Those Little People


Those Little People


Judging me…

By my image

Surprised by my humour

No, he’s big… He must be mean


Afraid of some muscle

He will kick my ass

Look at that long hair

He’s a hippie, a freak or maybe on drugs…


Check out those big shoes

The better to stomp me with

Is he a mean man?

Is he a bad man?


I am plain scared of a big man

Check his gameface… Oh My God!


I had many years of big city life

Where have you been?


He’s asked a question

Wait a minute… gotta think!

Answer him…


I hate this

He’s not like me

He might kill me


I better be honest

He can see through me




Well, my head has been up my ass.

Judging everyone by looks

Aware of only one thing


I am intimidated

I therefore hate…


Please Big Man


I am so small in my mind


I am frightened

By anyone

Who is different.


Big man replies

Gently spoken..



I won’t stomp you into dust… Today

Too easy, and you need to..


Learn from your mistakes

Try not to be so damn stupid

Go home and look in the mirror


Big man – normal voice


Hey Microbrain…

I am not worried about you

You are forgiven.


Author: William J. Hudson

Image from Bing


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