I Lost My Boys

shea 71

I lost my boys

Won’t say they were good boys


I can’t say that

For the official record…

Those boys were the absolute best!

Two boys are always on my mind

Both were fine Baseball players

Both would spend time with me

Both looked up to me

Both have been gone for many years

The oldest boy died

The youngest boy lost

Those boys were happy

Those boys became angry

I loved those boys

To this day, that remains true

Dead or alive, the heart knows no time

Understanding my boys is easy

They are a part of me

Sometimes boys disagree

Sometimes boys will fight

The hostilities would not last

Boys will be boys

There was too much to do

No time to stay mad

It’s gametime or playtime

Where’s my glove?

All the boys are waiting

We gotta go!

The girls will be there

Checking out the boys

Game’s on – the field of joy!


How I long

For the old days

Those wonderful games

Gone forever


Before I die

I make a wish

That we are all together

If only for a minute

To stand on the field

United once more

We will shout to the world

All of us now

Dead or alive…

It’s our time now

All Together

C’mon now boys…





Author: William J. Hudson


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