What Does It Take?

solway lass

What Does It Take?


What does it take

To pickup a phone

You needed to give me a call


Why do you wait

It’s almost too late

To return a friendly call


The years pass by

We don’t communicate

Are you so painfully shy..


You read the news

I have become very ill

Tick tock – Now try a call


Happy to hear

You are doing fine

Life’s been good to you


It’s never too late

To set things straight

They worked so hard – to keep us apart


Sad to think

You believed the lies

Let decades pass like a blink


Did it ever occur

To think for yourself

Trusting what was true in the past


Knowing your heart longed for many years

Listen child – I have been right here

I see you – burdened by false fear


Unsure of what you must do

What are you going to say

Relax … I understand you


Start with Hello

It is that simple

The rest is up to me


All of these years

You needed one word



All of this time

You needed one thing



I waited for so long

To speak one thing



My time grows short

We work on this word

US !!


So glad that you made the call

Wish it was sooner

I am so much older


I am ready to fall…


Author: William J. Hudson

Image from Bing


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