We Were Here


once i was little
i walked out to the curb
looked left
the street was coming towards me
looked right
the street was going away
soon after and a bit bigger
i rode a small bicycle
i travelled left
i travelled right
went around the block
my home was still there

there was my baby brother
he rode his bike too
he followed the garbage truck
he followed the good humor man
we would ride together
sometimes we’d get lost
always we made it home
there was an old wooden grade school
in those days, kids walked to school
nobody thought to bother the children
the neighborhood people were mostly like family
little kids free to explore their world
away or home, there was always play
a few years of young bliss
family, friends, familiar surroundings
then it changed… suddenly
we were moved..far, far away
everything was very different
we were now outsiders
 my brother and i felt alone
we did not like our new neighborhood
the people said we talked funny
they put mustard on hamburgers
they put ketchup on hot dogs
this place was upside down and backwards
years pass by in the cold, strange land
we grow and adapt to the place
we make new friends, still have fun
they still talk funny
they still eat weird things
our home is here now
thirty years later..
again, we move far, far away
again, everything is very different, it doesn’t matter
as before, my brother and i stick together
the sun shines, a better place, we like it here.

five years later…
my brother has died
the sun rises each morning
as before, I continue on
now, i stay home alone
 it’s a beautiful day.
Someday my Brother
We will meet again
I will tell you about these days
I am quite certain
That you will say
I know, I was with you…
Bruce Hudson and William Hudson
Author: William J. Hudson

2 thoughts on “We Were Here

  1. Thank you Amy.
    Like any of what I consider: my better creative works. It wrote itself.
    Whether writing music, lyrics, stories, photography or poems.
    The best material simply flows.
    I just release that energy in those various forms.


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