The Wall


The Wall

The changes were real

Some of your people moved far, far away

You were to be reunited sooner then later

Months later your names were called

Yet, you were not freed to travel

Lies had been told to you

You were young and therefore believed

Sooner turned into later

A huge brick wall was erected

Very, very tall was the wall

Stretching beyond your comprehension

A barrier, between you and those you wanted to see so badly

Later turned into never

You seemed to disappear into oblivion

Many more years pass into history

Still, the wall persists

Oh, you thought about climbing the dreadful wall

They told you that you could not

You listened and trusted this was true

Decades later you had the strength

Made it all the way to the wall’s end…


The wall was paper thin

It could be pushed over with one hand

The people you wanted to see were on the other side

One good push and you would be reunited!

Still, the wall stood firm

You could not defeat the wall

Better to stay put and remain so angry

After all, if the wall came down..

Then what?

Another sad reality revealed itself..

All of this time

The wall was

In your mind.

So very, very sad

When the wall went up…

You were so very young.


Author: William J. Hudson

Image by Bing


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